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Routing in Angular 7

What you will learn after reading this post.What is Routing in Angular 7.Basic routing of component in Angular 7.Active link in routing in Angular 7.Wild card routing in Angular 7.Child routing in Angular 7.1. What is Routing in Angular 7? Whenever in normal HTML web page we click on a link we are navigated to specific page given in that link. When we are navigated then entire view of the application is reloaded again which cost resources and this type of application is not single page application. 

MicroServices - GateWay Pattern

What After Creating MicroServices Now in our previous post we discussed how to break your monolithic application into microservices but now question arise what after services how client will know about all services that we have created. One way is that our client application will make request to all services as per need and deal with the response to show the result to user. I.e we will be having all details of services like url, port to client side and on

Implementing Spring GateWay for Microservices using spring boot.

In previous post MicroServices - GateWay Pattern we discussed about gateway pattern. Lets implement it using Spring Boot & Spring gateway. Here we will create a basic Order Management system with following services
Order Service Customer Service Kitchen Service